The Sympora Technologies E-Learning Solutions team offers proven competence to address your immediate and long term training needs. Comprised of experts in the field of instructional technology, the Sympora Technologies professionals are poised to deliver both practical and innovative solutions to your organization’s instruction and training requirements.

With numerous publications and books to their credit, our educational technology professionals not only work in the field, they are defining it. Furthermore, Sympora Technologies brings years of experience teaching and developing curriculum at the some of the nation’s leading universities in the field of educational. This proven expertise in the field of instructional technology, combined with our extensive experience in implementing sophisticated client-server and application-server based applications, provides Sympora with a unique combination of qualified professionals - professionals equipped to effectively fulfill your training and course development needs. All this, in addition to the Sympora team’s focus on information architecture, leads to effective visual design and navigation schemes for any
E-learning system.

Grounded in instructional design and adult learning theory, we are able to:

  • Identify and address educational and performance challenges while remaining focused on information architecture
  • Develop applications applicable to commercial, industrial, government and education environments
  • Create effective visual design and navigation schemes tailored to the specific learning group
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